TabView and login page


How do I place a login screen before a tabview? I’m using the Tab Navigation template as a starting point. The basic workflow would be, user logs in and then taken to the tab view (with 2-3 tabs).

Have tried a number of options, and I know I can open the login page when the app launches, but then how do I navigate to the tab view frame? (which is in app-root.xml).



Use a Frame in app root and load the login page in that frame. From there navigate to tab page using the root frame.


Thanks @manojdcoder, so I can navigate from the login page to the tab page by opening that root page like so? Is that the recommended method?

var application = require("application");{ moduleName: "app-root" });


If you want to go to root just close all the page you have already opened Or open the default page in that frame with clear history flag.