Tabs, list view, swipe to delete


I have implemented a “nativescript-pro-ui/listview” in a tab-view. All works well, but now I want to add a swipe to delete. The tab-view already has bindings to the list-item cell when a slide/swipe action is done, so i end up navigating to the next tab. Is there a way to turn of the tab swipe action so that only by clicking on the tab header navigation is done? If not is there a way around this? I know the last resort is to place a delete button on each list cell but as stated before that is last resort. Please anyone can point me in the right direction?


if you use a bottombar instead of a tabview,
then there won’t be any swipe support to goto next page.
But that’s just one of the options. If you want to keep the tab view, I’m not sure how to do it.


I decided to create what could be called custom tabs by simply displaying two buttons and content in a gridlayout then show and hide as needed.


You can also use a segmented bar to create a custom tab view