Synchronise data between Desktop and app (best practise)


Hi all,

I have a website which uses Mysql database. Now I am developing a nativescript app. I was wondering what are the options to synchronise data between desktop and app. For example, if somebody comments on the post, the comment should appear on the app without reloading it. After some research I found Firebase real time database, the problem is the I would have to duplicate and synchronise Mysql and firebase databases. another options in my mind is use to websockets. Could anybody advise what are other options and what are the best practise? Thank you very much.


you could use couchbase lite as your app database, then use couchbase sync gateway on your server; however, in this case you will need to write a layer to handle CRUD actions between Mysql and couchbase


You can also try socketio is a good plugin for this.
You’ll also have to write a server