Svg and nativescript


I don’t think svg is supported in nativescript-land. It’s an html thing.

If you’ve written an application that uses a lot of svg (as I have) how would you put it into your ns application? Does the ns screen language offer a “hole” to html, or something?

        Regards, Rick


@RickH have you checked this out


Hi, Michael.

I didn’t know about it. Thank you. I’m looking at the readme. I’m not clear whether I can define a bunch of paths in a def section, and use them applying a transform. In the readme, it seems as though they are bringing in a pre-established svg file.

I’ll keep it in mind, and when I get to that part of the project, I’ll find out. Whatever I learn, I’ll report here. Rick


@RickH just wondering did you manage to find a solution for working with SVG’s. I’m in a similar boat where I have a SVG that I would like to be able to update colours on from the UI.


I am using a webview which seems to work.


Is spawning a web-view per SVG component resource heavy, or a bad idea in other ways?


I am only showing a signature in black with a white background but works well. I was unable to find another option that was reliable.