Suitable Http response type to handle bulk data response in single http call from Nativescript application


Hey all!

I need to get around 100 - 150 MB’s of data from the API server on single Http post call from my Nativescript angular application.

So far tried approaches :

My API server given ArrayBuffer/ByteArray response for http calls. So once i got the Arraybuffer response then tried to do writeSync of response into .zip file in FileSystem.
Then need to unZip the zip file stored in filesystem to consume files inside the zip file in my actual application.
This is what i need/tried to accomplish.

But i got stopped while tried to writeSync the response into .zip file.

I have described my problem here,

Your Suggestions:

So please suggest the best practice way/ suitable http response type to handle this situation!
I can change the API server response type based on suggestion here.


How consume the ArrayBuffer/ByteArray http response using nativescript filesystem

Did you check out this plugin: