Suggestions for Categories


Those are great questions; I would currently drop something like this into uncategorized as there is no category that this fits into yet. :slight_smile:

As for the question; you can use pretty much the full ES6 on both runtimes natively without any transpilation. You will notice several of my plugins I’ve started moving completely to ES6 based code. If you are using TypeScript, CoffeeScript, etc then it you can transpile the code; and you can choose ES6 or below.


ok I’m going to create an ‘Architecture’ category which will be a catch-all for this type of question, as well as ‘how should I structure…’


Let’s keep the Telerik paid products out of there. they already have dedicated forums and support system on


@valiostoychev - I would disagree; for three reasons:

  1. By not having it here; you eliminate one of the advertising that it even exists. And having all things NativeScript in one location is just helpful.

  2. Telerik should want the community to be able to answer some of the questions rather than poor Nick, I know he is paid but despite that it is always helpful for other people to answer questions, and sometimes some of us has answers that Nick (and other paid support) might not know…

  3. the support that I’ve received for NS-UI has not been very helpful. So, I honestly believe the community as it grows can probably do a way better job. That isn’t to say that official bugs shouldn’t be reported to the two NS-UI github repos, but the Q/A/troubleshooting/recommendations for designs can be easily done here and then when it is confirmed it is a bug it could be copied to the NS-UI github repos.


I created a “Tips” category for proactively sharing things we all learn as we hack through apps with NativeScript.

Intent for this category is to be a place we can easily/quickly drop helpful tips/snippets that took us longer to figure-out than it should have while building apps. Hopefully it will both help other people save time and help create some SEO-indexing around common problems people might search for on Google.

First “tip”:


Don’t forget we also have! That’s a good place for short snippets and video content too.


Can we make NSSnacks more visible? Put a big link somewhere, it’s only the second time in a year that I’m seeing this site.


Good idea. I’ll make a post of common resources.


ohhhhhh … this is sad. We do have it linked from anyway