Suggestions for Categories


Might want to include a few more categories:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Plugins
  • CLI
  • AppBuilder (Telerik Platform)
  • Issues & Solutions (Probably be moderated / locked topics)


Please feel free to do this! I will ‘up’ your admin privileges if I can


Moderators, who can edit all posts and users, but cannot add categories or change any site settings.

So you have to do it…


Sooner or later jobs


you’re now a Moderator :smiley:


added the jobs category


added Nathanael’s categories as well


Here’s a few more optential topic areas:
Data Binding


I"m putting ‘themes’ under UX/Design - and added Data Binding


@jen.looper What about a general channel for Spanish speakers? Greetings from Colombia :wink:


Maybe Hooks ? or it should be as part of CLI ?


I think that could be part of CLI


I added a Spanish and French category :slight_smile:


We need to add Showoff, I always liked seeing what people were working on.


Could we also add a category for Firebase?


I think we should add one more category for Angular 2 + NativeScript.


hi Quinn, Firebase is included in ‘Databases’


Angular :slight_smile:


TypeScript & Webpack


@jen.looper I think it should exists a category to ask about the core/internals/how-it-works {N}, let’s say I want to know which version of JS/ES can I use in my .JS files? or one question about How is transpiled the JS code between virtual machines?.. which one should I use?

Actually these are real questions I want to ask :grin: