Stupid question: Title at top of "Groceries" app, how do I change it?


I’m so confused. I’ve gone through the Groceries tutorial, but now I’m experimenting by modifying some things. Stupidly, I cannot change the name at the top of the app! It’s not in any of the 3 views (login, regiser, list). Where do I go to change it? What if I wanted to remove it completely?


If you don’t set the title for a page then it’ll use the name of the app. You can set the title in the actionbar component:

<ActionBar title="Your title"></ActionBar>


Hey @scottbeeson, For set the title at the top you need to set the ActionBar title.

<ActionBar title="Custom Title"></ActionBar>

Have a look at ActionBar .

If you don’t set the title, It will use the app name. App name as mentioned Manifest file,


Hope this may help you!