Splash screen image size for generating


I am new in Nativescript (before making apps with Ionic) and I want to generate my own splashscreen image. I created one and run tns resources.... Source file for generate splash screen is 2732x2732px size. But when it generates iOS splashscreens my image is small and it uses background color to fill the space.

So, which size of source file should I use, to be able to fill whole space with my image without colored bg?



After launch screens were introduced, the general idea of splash screen became to show your logo at center of the screen with a background color that easily fits across screen resolution.

If you have requirement to show a custom image which doesn’t follow the above spec, the CLI may not be helpful here. But you can of course use any third party services to generate your splash screens and you will have update your launch screen (iOS) and drawable (Android) too to meet your design.