SpinEdit or something like this



I’m looking for component which is something like SpinEdit or Выделение_999(655)
I use ListPicker instead but it’s not exactly what I need.

Does anyone know how I can implement this in NativeScript? Thanks


Pseudo code of the above


gridLayout columns = "* 2* *"
  button onTap decrease MyNumberProp col=0 text="-"
  textview (binds) MyNumberProp col=1
  button onTap increase MyNumberProp col=2 text="+"

Also, you might be interested in reading the getting started section of the NativeScript docs, which explains the basic concepts of NativeScript - http://docs.nativescript.org/tutorial/chapter-2 (for JS/TS), or http://docs.nativescript.org/angular/tutorial/ng-chapter-2.html (for Angular + TS)