Specify files to ignore repository



Hi guys I have a doubt about what the default .gitignore principles for use with NativeScript projects. I did a search on the internet but only found it in the NS core project or unknown gits on the web.

I create a NS tutorial project and I put some things to .gitignore file

For example, I commit a platforms/ folder in other project because I don’t know how principal about gitignore follow.

Can you help me?


I don’t know if this will work for you, but i’m ignoring node_modules/ and platforms/.
I’m using phpstorm, so also .idea folder.

I had lots of issues, when i had platforms/ in repository - slow IDE etc…


Thank’s for NativeScript team for the angular tutorial - folder structure and sample Groceries repo

My .gitignore works fine but in my case, I should remove d.ts files from .gitignore.