Soft keyboard over splash screen when app is loaded


when an app is started coming from android’s app search bar, the keyboard keeps being displayed and covers part of the splash screen

How to fix it?

Thank you


How do other (non-NativeScript) apps behave in this respect?


The apps I’ve installed on my device have an heterogeneous behavior.
The common fact is that it seems like the OS doesn’t hide the keyboard immediately when you tap on the app’s icon but this is done somehow after the app is launched at some point within a different amount of time.
Even If I cannot make general assumption about how non-NS apps behave (some of them close the keyboard immediately, some of them a few moments after the splash screen is loaded, some of them don’t even have a proper splash screen) I’m confident to say that while non-NS apps get to this point pretty quickly, with NS ones the keyboard persists visible for all the duration of the splash screen and hides when the first page is loaded.


Did you find a solution for this issue? I encounter the same for my app…


You may set the keyboard behaviour to hidden in AndroidManifest. Once your page is loaded you may set it back to adjustPan or adjustResize.