Slides - a vertical / horizontal slides


I’ve been using Ionic 1 & 2 for many years, but due to the performance of the webview based frameworks, I decided to move. However, as an angular guy, I’d consider a first glance on the NativeScript and playing around with it.

I do feel a little bit that some of the UI components are missing and is a bit critical if not supported.

One of the components, I’m looking for is a Slides
like :

How can i achieve to building a Slides in the nativescript? Seems the nativescript-slides are even not working for {N} 3.0. Any advise would be very appreciated.


Hi @ozexpert,

Maybe there are others, but this plugin works very well with slides:

You can try it out! Good Luck!


Josh’s plugin was just updated to 3.0 yesterday, just in time for you :slight_smile:


Doesn’t seem like it supports vertical slides.


I’m sure Josh accepts PRs :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: i’ll start from there… thanks.


actually, i’m very disappointed using nativescript. many UI components are just missing and i am going back to Ionic. I hope at someday NativeScript will perform better.


It’s all about writing plugins if you need such custom components. But best of luck in your endeavors.