Sin wave / equlizer UI


I want to create a equlizer UI. We checked available UI components but not able get any of examples.

Please help us…


It seems to me that @wwwalkerrun had done something in this area within his ShoutOutPlay app. Nathan?


This plugin has existed for iOS which you can give a shot:

The plugin can be found integrated into this open source app I had published last year:

I talk about the sin wave/equalizer UI approach used at this timecode:

EZAudio has now become part of the impressive AudioKit framework:

Integrating the AudioKit framework is a bit more involved but I highlight doing exactly that in this book (focused on building a fun multi-track recording studio iOS/Android):

Throughout Chapter 7-9 we highlight AudioKit’s integration as well as using this Android plugin for similar effect:

Hopefully that helps!


Thanks for the help!!!

But we requires only simple sin wave UI to be drawn on the screen, we don’t want to integrate with audiokit. The wave form can be modified by dragging the nodes and it should adjustable.

Below image show how we requires wave to be appeared on the screen. It may vary according to the

Please help us how to do in both android and iOS.


For something like that you could integrate this pod for iOS:

For Android you can use this api:
You can google around and see some examples of that.

Both of those could likely get you what you’re after.