Simple Login and Registration in a NativeScript with Angular Mobile App


Hey Everyone,

I recently wrote a tutorial that teaches you how to implement a login and registration flow within your NativeScript with Angular application:

This is a very useful tutorial because not only do all apps need an authentication flow, but it demonstrates how to properly use the Angular Router and design an attractive user interface.


Change page that will be loaded based on variable

is it possible to create similar app. using javascript?


Hey @radhe12! Yes you can with Nativescript Core.


@kumaran thanks!
I already got that and created app.
Thanks for your help.


i am beginner so i need to create a new material design login page (like everything email textview ,passwod textview and buttons inside a box). Could you please help me to find xml code and style sheet for such activity.


Hey @shibi,

Before dive into your actual project please try to complete the NativeScript awesome getting started tutorial to get good start with NativeScript framework.

You can follow the groceries management app in below mentioned NS docs links,

  • NativeScript Core

  • NativeScript with Angular