Sidekick, Run on device


I’m trying to run my app on IOS device via the Sideckick and receive an error:

  • Unable to determine CLI version for cloud build based on project’s runtime version: 4.0.0-2018-02-23-01. Error is: Cannot find CLI versions.
    I’ve already generated Certificate/provision. My CLI version: 4.0.0-2018-02-21-10607. Windows 10.
    Run on Android is successful.

Do you have any ideas?


Did you try the latest stable version of CLI? looks like you are running the unstable development / beta version.


Any suggestions how to install previous stable version of CLI?


Just doing npm install -g nativescript will install the latest stable, or you can install particular version (3.4.2 - latest stable as of today) by npm install -g nativescript@3.4.2


Thank’s manojdcoder. I installed CLI via npm install -g nativescript. But I will try 3.4.2 version.


SideKick create project with default ios runtime version 4.0.0.
tns platform remove ios
tns platform add ios@latest
install version 3.4.1 that as I understand is the latest STABLE ver. which solved this error.