Sidekick ios cloud build w/o having any apple device?



Hi folks,
Recently I’ve started to learn NativeScript (Sidekick) and I’am very interested in cloud builds. I’am windows/android user, I’ve already tested NativeScript Sidekick cloud build for the android, unfortunately I don’t have neither macbook nor iphone. So, the question is pretty simple: can I just make an ios cloud build without having any apply device? Has anyone already done this?
How can I imagine I should register Apple developer account and some certificates and attach them to my NativeScript Sidekick accounto only? There is not enough information about this case by searching Google… :frowning:

Just don’t tell me that I’am a bum, I already have an andriod device, I just don’t want to buy second device for app building only being able to take advantage of Sidekick cloud builds :yum:
Actually, my friend has an iphone but it would be very inconvenient to use his phone for registration and app building :roll_eyes:
I’am really exited about NativeScript Sidekick and I need your help.
Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!


Hi, Did you read nativescript sidekick user guide here ?


Thank you! Seems user guide has been changed several times from the moment I watched it last time.
Anyway is there any up to date toturial how to make ios cloud build step by step (most of all, working with certificates)?

This doc says that “you have connected at least one iOS device to your machine” :roll_eyes: Unfortunately, it is apple requirement :expressionless:


Just to understand your question, using Sidekick do you want to build iOS target in cloud? or do you want to run a cloud build on iOS device?


I want to run a cloud build on iOS device just like an apk on my android device :slight_smile:


Great, how are you planning to run if you don’t have an iOS device?


I just want to build, then my friend could check it out on his iPhone whenever he wants not bothering him with all build stuff :slight_smile:


Sure, you only need the device connected once while generating provisioning profiles, afterwards you can make changes and build an ipa.


Thanks a lot! I’ll try it. I hope I do not have to buy an iphone :smile: :roll_eyes:


If you have an paid apple developer account you can create provisioning profiles on apple website and add them to Sidekick, above requirement is only when you want to use the free account I believe.


Thanks, it was very helpful :+1: I’ll better buy an apple dev account rather than an iphone :green_apple: