Sidekick chrome debugger


I’ve tried to get Sidekick working with debugger. I am able to console.log from my app, but for some reason I can’t get the elements panel to show the elements of my app running in an android emulator. Is this possible? I’m building locally and selecting start debugger.


Hi @bradrice,

Sorry you hit issues here. A couple of questions:

  • Windows, Mac, or Linux?
  • Do the rest of the Chrome Developer Tools’ panels work? For example, can you see network traffic and your JavaScript source code on the Sources pane?
  • Have you tried giving it a minute to load? The elements tab loads after your app is up and running, and sometimes you need to give it 5–10 seconds to fully initialize, especially if you have a non-trivial UI.

If all else fails we can log this on the Sidekick feedback portal so the Sidekick team can see this and try to help out:


I’m on Windows 10 and it seems as though none of the panels work except for Console. I’ve tried waiting for the app to load. I haven’t tried it directly to a device yet. I’ll try that next.


I take that back. The sources panel also works. And I get the same results deploying to a device instead of an emulator. Still no elements panel.


I’ve opened an issue: