Sidekick: certificates & cloud build on linux


I would be glad to receive or give some advice to get this amazing feature working.

First of all I didn’t found button for sertificates autogeneration:

I think that it’s because ubuntu doesn’t have appropriate driver for iOS devices out-of-the-box. I’ll try to step over the path based on this clue but any guidance is highly appreciated!



The documentation is not very explicit about the fact that you need an iOS device to do cloud builds.

Do you have one?


Sorry, may be this is off-topic question, but I wander to know what iOS device do you mean exactly?
I mean should I have at least MacBook with an XCode or just an iPhone or both of them?
I’am new to NativeScript and I really want to use NativeScript Sidekick Cloud Build service, but stuck with certificates too.
Currently I don’t have a MacBook or an iPhone either and as far as I can guess there is no need to have a MacBook with XCode installed since I’am going to use cloud build so I have to buy an iPhone only, am I right? Just want to clarify. Thanks!


Yeah, you need an iphone and you cannot do cloud build on linux machines. To be clear: you need iphone and itunes