SideKick Android Cloud Build failed Invalid Filename


My app is compiling ok from cloud for iOS Release. When I’m trying to do the same for Android, I get the “Invalid Filename” error, just after asking for the password of my certificate which I have previously created :

keytool -genkey -v -keystore release.keystore -alias Selector -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

The certificate is working fine with Adobe Phonegap Build, so I think the problem is my Nativescript app config…

Any idea?


i get the same problem too. have you got solution for it??


i have tried many ways and finally i got it. what i do i will explain it below.

  1. Use your text editor in my case i use notepad++ to find Invalid filename in Nativescript Folder and you will find it on file errors.js in path node_modules/adm-zip/util/errors.js line 33
  2. On line 33 you will find “INVALID_FILENAME” : “Invalid filename”, it means error of “Invalid filename” will refers to “INVALID_FILENAME”
  3. Use your text editor again to find INVALID_FILENAME and you will got it on file adm-zip.js line 19.
  4. On line 19 you will find throw Utils.Errors.INVALID_FILENAME;
  5. change line 19 to throw Utils.Errors.INVALID_FILENAME+’ '+input;
  6. Run the release and you will got the truly error. And i find it that new nativescript cli change directories of libs, metadata and src in your platform/android to new path inside app. So copy them outside of folder app and run the release once again you will got the release file.


After changing this line as you suggest, and:

1.delete hooks & node_modules
2.remove “nativescript-dev-android-snapshot”: “^0..” from package.json

Local release build now works from terminal or SideKick,
but no luck with cloud yet where I got now this error: Only 8, 16, 24, or 32 bits supported: 872


Thanks a lot… This error had been a great issue for a month and finally this worked…


I’m facing the exact same issue. The error I’m getting is ‘Invalid filename platforms\android\libs\runtime-libs\nativescript.aar’. Can you please explain the step 6 you have mentioned a bit further? Did you copy the src directory into the ‘libs\runtime-libs’ directory?


I was able to solve the issue. To supplement @shafrudin’s answer, I had to copy the nativescript\platforms\android\app\libs directory into nativescript\platforms\android and the release build was successful.


Yes. Me too had the same issue and this method works perfectly.