SideDrawer mainContent bar for app name bar



I tried to uncomment and remove the app name bar in the strings.xml

<string name="app_name">App Name...</string>

After doing this I see TNSSideDrawer as Name in the bar.

My intention is to use the mainContent from the simple dummy template XML for the App Name Bar. Is this possible? Actually I have the name bar and the mainContent bar.

<StackLayout ~drawerContent backgroundColor="gray">
  <StackLayout height="56" style="text-align: center; vertical-align: center;">
    <Label text="Navigation Menu" />
    <Label text="Primary" padding="10" backgroundColor="lightgray" />
    <Label text="Social" padding="10" />
    <Label text="Promotions" padding="10" />
  <Label text="Close" color="lightgray" padding="10" style="horizontal-align: center" @tap="onCloseDrawerTap" />

<StackLayout ~mainContent>
 <ActionBar class="action-bar" title="Mobile Instruments Home">
      <NavigationButton icon="res://ic_action_menu" @tap="showSideDrawer" />

    <TabView height="100">
      <TabViewItem title="Tab 1">
        <Label text="Label in Tab 1" />
      <TabViewItem title="Tab 2">
        <Label text="Label in Tab 2" />


oh, I fixed it, the problem is to use the actionbar inside the mainContent. I moved it direct after the page and it works great.