Sidedrawer layout: can't navigate to another page from actionbar/actionitem



Hi, I’m using a Sidedrawer layout with javascript code.
In one of the Sidedrawer pages, I show a listview (which works fine) and then I have an actionitem to launch a form to add a new record to the listview:

<ActionItem text="Edit" tap="onNewItemTap" ios.systemIcon="2" android.systemIcon="ic_menu_edit" ios.position="right"></ActionItem>

Then in the codebehind:

const frameModule = require("ui/frame");
function onNewItemTap(args) {
    // go to the edit page.
    frameModule.topmost().navigate({moduleName: "~/pages/request/request-page"});

And it errors out, apparently indicating problems with the OnNavigatingTo setting.
Any tip to move forward? Thanks a lot!


Forget it, it was a matter of paths… somehow “~/” didn’t work as expected … maybe it only works for require!