Sidedrawer doesn't work anymore


I upgraded my app’s module nativescript-pro-ui to nativescript-ui-sidedrawer is now broken : it does not hide a textfield, it does not disappears when I navigate and I cannot hide or display it with slide motion anymore.
I went back to previous version and bugs did not disappeared … :disappointed_relieved:

I use angular and a global sidedrawer


Hi, I just publised a new version of my Angular based app using the new nativescript-ui-sidedrawer plugin. I used to use the nativescript-pro-ui plugin instead, and only had to change a few imports to make it work. So I figure this is the perfect example to compare your code against.

Source (and AppStore links, so you can test the SideDrawer in a real app):


I checked your import changes, I had done them and this does not solve my issues …
I will try some changes on my global-side-drawer.component.ts and report back


@pacome2017 Today I migrated my app which was using only side drawer and list view, So I can re-confirm what Eddy mentioned already. I just had to update the import statements and everything else worked as it should be after migration.


Ok I was missing showOverNavigation="true" in my side-drawer html component, that was working without it and caused the problem after, my bad :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your feedbacks !