Send text messages in WhatsApp from background through Nativescript application



Hey all!

I am looking for an idea/way to send the text messages in WhatsApp from the background through Nativescript application.

Looking Implementations on platforms :

  • Android
  • IOS

Nativescript Flavour :

  • Nativescript with Angular

FYI, For normal sharing i have experimented the nativescript-phone & nativescript-social-share plugins.

Please suggest your ideas here!



@kumaran have you researched ways to do it natively? I am not completely sure you can do that.


@Pete.K I have researched for native way availability to do this. But i am not getting anything. But i have heard from some people that is previously they(WhatsApp) supported to directly access but now there is no way to even touch it.

I am also not sure about it :disappointed_relieved:

So only i have posted here for get the possibility ways form our community peoples :thinking:.


If you couldn’t find the native approach, then it’s unlikely NativeScript will have the solution for you. Did you check WhatsApp’s developer’s doc?