Segmented bar placement


Hi Guys :slight_smile: was wondering if anyone can help me place my segmented bar at the bottom of the page as apposed to it being placed at the top by default.Where can i find this documentation?


You can place segmented anywhere you want, it just depends on its placement in the layout container,

<GridLayout rows="*, auto" columns="*">
		<Label row="0" col="0" class="page-placeholder" height="100%" text="Page content goes here" />
		<SegmentedBar row="1" col="0">
				<SegmentedBarItem title="Item 1" />
				<SegmentedBarItem title="Item 2" />
				<SegmentedBarItem title="Item 3" />

will show the segmented bar it the bottom


Hi Ganas. My html seems to be a bit different .ill attach it bellow and
would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me how to modify it for the
tab selections to appear at the bottom.

<RadSideDrawer #drawer showOverNavigation=“true” [drawerTransition]=


the example above is for core plain nativescript not angular, however, its similar idea


Just create a playground app with what you have done so far for that particular layout, we can assist you from there on. :slight_smile:
Head over to