SearchBar not submitting same value


I’m using SearchBar in android app and I’m using (submit) event to do search and navigate to next page. The problem is that if I do “back” from second page back to search, and I repeat the same value, submit event is not triggered, I can fix that by changing the search text to something else, and then entering the initial value it works.

It looks like searchbar is not triggering submit if the value is the same that was last used, at this moment it looks like only reloading entire searchbar view would solve the issue

NS angular 3.2


This problem also exists in NS Core. So it’s actually the behavior of the Search Widget


Thanks, yeah, I assumed that also so have been searching a solution in java, Have you done something to fix it or you just left it as it is?



I actually wrote a custom search bar using other ui elements.

Because the search bar widget has other problems, like when you change the placeholder color, the color of search icon and close icon doesn’t change.