ScrollView 'jumps' on page load



I have the same issue as described here, but solution looks pretty bad.
I think, first thing hat happens is : scrollbar is not visible at start, but app is doing calculations, and scrollbar appears, making page ‘jumps to top’ . I’m looking for clever solution for this, as for nw this looks avfull from UI perspective. Thank you.


I have to check this on real device, but ios simulator shows no issues after putting this:

Myabe this will help. Not sure if this is perfect solution, but looks ok for me. Cheers.


I think the issue is the way he is using navigation.

On the main page, he doesn’t have an ActionBar. When he wants to edit an item in the list, he slides the next page in (from right to left) which does have an ActionBar. And when he navigates back (from left to right), the ActionBar should also slide back towards the right smoothly - which it doesn’t.

However, this is not how it usually works. You should either…

  1. Use an ActionBar on both screens. This way both page will have a title and you can simply navigate between the two using a slide effect. If you’d create this in Xcode interface builder, it would automatically wrap the two pages inside a navigation controller (which would automatically assign a NavigationBar to both pages).


  1. Use the home page as is (without an ActionBar) and when you want to edit an item you slide UP a modal page from the bottom. In this case the modal still can have an ActionBar if needed. Then edit the item, and when you are done you can slide the modal DOWN.

If my observation is correct, this is how usually it works (either/or) at least on iOS.


Hi @pentool,

I’ve done some tests. First, i’ve ensured that every page has actionbar. So point #1 is not working for me.
Point 2 may work, but as you see, it’s a bit hacky way i think :slight_smile: