Scrollview is not working


this is my code structure ,


<gridlayout tkmainContent



when adding scrollview to the page ,nothing will seen …only blank page with actionbar…


It works as expected, may be something with your code.

You may share the exact code where we can reproduce the issue.


i try the code in playground,but in that code also scrollview is not working…
when i put scrollview after action bar…it will scroll the sidedrawer too


The issue you are talking about in iOS / Android / Both?

Update: I just tried on both iOS and Android, the content (ScrollView -> StackLayout -> Label…) is visible only.


for Android and IOS
this my code snippet ,
<ActionBar title=“Services”
<NavigationButton text=“Go Back” android.systemIcon=“ic_menu_more” android.position=“right”
<RadSideDrawer #drawer showOverNavigation=“true” [drawerTransition]=“sideDrawerTransition” >
<StackLayout tkDrawerContent class=“sidedrawer”
<StackLayout class=“sideStackLayout”
<Button text=“Daily Usage” [nsRouterLink]="" class=“button”>
<GridLayout tkMainContent
<RadPieChart allowAnimation=“true”
<PieSeries tkPieSeries selectionMode=“DataPoint” expandRadius=“0.2” outerRadiusFactor=“0.8” [items]=“DailyData”>

here i use scrollview for all content so it scrolls the sidedrawer too…so how to change it?


Please paste readable code with proper formatting / you may update the playground example where we can see it in action.


i try to paste the code in playground…but the view is different from my actual view

<ActionBar title="Services">
  <NavigationButton text="Go Back" android.systemIcon="ic_menu_more" android.position="right"
<RadSideDrawer #drawer showOverNavigation="true" [drawerTransition]="sideDrawerTransition" >
  <StackLayout tkDrawerContent class="sidedrawer">
    <StackLayout class="sideStackLayout">
      <Button text="Daily Usage" [nsRouterLink]="" class="button"></Button>
  <GridLayout  tkMainContent >
    <RadPieChart allowAnimation="true" >
      <PieSeries tkPieSeries selectionMode="DataPoint"  expandRadius="0.2" outerRadiusFactor="0.8" [items]="DailyData">
    <Label text="Total Power Consumption"></Label>


You are not suppose to wrap your enter RadSideDrawer within a ScrollView. It’s wise to add ScrollView inside tkDrawerContent / tkMainContent when required.