Scrolling an WrapLayout


Hi there,

Maybe i am going at this entirely the wrong way but i would like the characteristics of an WrapLayout. But when i goes off screen i would like it to be scrollable. Basically i’m creating an image thumbnail overview page. having it 4 wide and basically infinite height. Also it appears only a listview has the loadMoreItems option, which would be nice but i cant seem to style the listview as 4 items on a single row kind of deal.

Any ideas are welcome,

p.s. i also could’n’t find an nativescript 3 compatible plugin for this.


Hi, Robin.

You can wrap it within a scrollview:


I’ve tried that but could not get it to work. In the end i got it working by using the following combination.

<GridLayout rows="*">
        <ScrollView row="0">
            <WrapLayout orientation="horizontal">
                <GridLayout width="25%" *ngFor="let photo of photos">

However i can’t seem to find a way to detect if i’m at the bottom of the scroll view (which seems like basic functionality for a scroll view) Any ideas ?