Scrollable actionBar



How can I realize a scrollable actionBar as whatsapp or Twitter with a tabView ?
There is a plugin or no ? :cry:


Please provide more information (such as screenshots) of what you are trying to achieve. There is no scroll in the equivalent of the ActionBar on my Twitter/Whatsapp application.

Here is a UI clone of WhatsApp in NativeScript.


My seem like Twitter, and I scroll the listview, I wanna hide my actionBar. I have an actionBar + a listView inside tabView. In Android with Java or react-native there is a plugin


That’s called CoordinatorLayout, specific to Android. There is no perfect equivalent comes with iOS. I believe that’s the reason the issue in github not given priority yet.

As mentioned there, you can fake the effects with custom view like ActionBar and parallax effect.


OK, I will check with parallax


Hi! @Fabiyo
We have the same scenario we want to achieve, would you mind sharing which way you decided to go to implement this?


There are couple of parallax examples at NativeScript Snacks. You may use a Layout that is styled like an ActionBar, update translateY on scroll.