Scrollable actionBar



How can I realize a scrollable actionBar as whatsapp or Twitter with a tabView ?
There is a plugin or no ? :cry:


Please provide more information (such as screenshots) of what you are trying to achieve. There is no scroll in the equivalent of the ActionBar on my Twitter/Whatsapp application.

Here is a UI clone of WhatsApp in NativeScript.


My seem like Twitter, and I scroll the listview, I wanna hide my actionBar. I have an actionBar + a listView inside tabView. In Android with Java or react-native there is a plugin


That’s called CoordinatorLayout, specific to Android. There is no perfect equivalent comes with iOS. I believe that’s the reason the issue in github not given priority yet.

As mentioned there, you can fake the effects with custom view like ActionBar and parallax effect.


OK, I will check with parallax