Running npm run watch:ios in NS-Vue


when running Nativescript-vue app on iOS, I get the error below =>

***** Fatal JavaScript exception - application has been terminated. *****
Native stack trace:
1   0x10db5f359 NativeScript::reportFatalErrorBeforeShutdown(JSC::ExecState*, JSC::Exception*, bool)
2   0x10db90e00 -[TNSRuntime executeModule:referredBy:]
3   0x109c12621 main
4   0x11055f955 start
5   0x1
JavaScript stack trace:
1   @file:///app/app.js:27464:20
2   __webpack_require__@file:///app/app.js:20:34
3   @file:///app/app.js:20267:170
4   __webpack_require__@file:///app/app.js:20:34
5   @file:///app/app.js:25064:32
6   __webpack_require__@file:///app/app.js:20:34
7   @file:///app/app.js:63:37
8   anonymous@file:///app/app.js:64:12
9   evaluate@[native code]
10  moduleEvaluation@[native code]
11  @[native code]
12  promiseReactionJob@[native code]
JavaScript error:
file:///app/app.js:27464:20: JS ERROR TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating '')

help from anyone? @manojdcoder ??


The console gives you the exact problem there, I believe you are trying to access android object which won’t be available in iOS / you are accessing it early even before it’s available. Until I see some code, can’t say much.


Okay… I’ll get back to you.


Found the error, wrote some code for the android platform, which won’t work on iOS… Got it working now.