Run my first app using angular on android


Hey guys,

I’ve just installed the nativescript along the installing tutorial.
Created the myapp test project by the template.
“tns doctor” returns “No issues were detected”.

iam using actual device by usb - and it run smoth when using android studio

When I run “tns run android” I get the following error:
build faild with an exption
ecxution faild for task :mergeF0debugresource
nativescript java.util.concurrent.executionexception

snapshot was uploaded
pleas help & thank you


@moein, Thanks for writing in
Have you created your project inside C:\Windows\System32\myapp folder?

If yes, then I suggest you to refrain from doing so. As C:\Windows is an OS directory, and requires admin access to make changes to.

Instead I recommend creating your project in some other drive.