Routing problems after trying to get Angular dynamic forms to work on the tns --ng template


I was attempting to have a mobile app that started just like the “tns create my-app --ng” template, then add a dynamic forms page when drilling past the single item view.

I worked through the docs on this Angular docs page to add the dynamic form bit. But, now my dynamic page loads on top of my item detail page, instead of waiting until I click into the link on the item detail page.

I noticed in the Nativescript Navigation docs that " You can also use the stock Angular Route and Location classes to handle your navigation ." That made bigger issues and never would build/run for me, always complaining about DOM stuff. I mean to just use the easiest standard method. But, as a non-web developer, it continues to elude me.

I stuck the code on a public github repo:

There seems to be 3 or 4 ways to do routing, but I can’t pick out where I’ve mixed them up.
Can anyone help me untangle the routing?