Rewrite existing published APP



I have an existing native Android APP (developed with Android SDK, not Nativescript) that is working just fine, is published in Google Play and has some active users.

I’m planning some new features and changes and considering a complete rewrite from scratch using 100% Nativescript. Is it possible to publish the new nativescript-version in Google Play as a 2.0 version of the APP? that is of course to keep users, stars, comments and to make it completely transparent for the users (just another update).

My guess is I’ll end up with a signed apk produced from a nativescript build with the right version and then just need to perform a normal update in the Google Play developer console, but I rather make sure I’m not missing something that will cause trouble once I have the rewrite ready (and make sure the time and effort won’t be in vain)


I have done something similar in the past, it’s absolutely possible no matter which tool / sdk you use to build your APK, the keystore you use to build should be same that’s all it requires.