Resources for enhancing JS Skills



I am new to NativeScript. I just started developing my first app. It has been a little painful as with learning anything new but I am off and running.

I know JS basics and have been using jQuery for years but I feel like I need to increase my JS knowledge.

Do you have any recommendations on books or other resources on how to level up my JS skills? Amazon has a ton of books. I am looking for you my fellow Native Script Developers to help narrow my choices. I see that Pluralsight and Udemy have a lot of content too.



I have not read this, but I’ve heard great things about the JavaScript Cookbook.

Shameless plug too but NativeScript in Action is in the MEAP process right now as well from Manning:


Another shameless plug here, but you can try my course on Udemy:

I also have many tutorials on my blog at:

Pick your poison :slight_smile:


Have you looked at You Don’t Know JS by Kyle Simpson?

Also anything by Wes Bos is great!


@nraboy, I have watched your other Udemy course a couple times. I haven’t watched the other one because I haven’t learned Angular yet.

@Nick, Yes I have a bookmark to your book on Amazon. Anxiously waiting for it to be ready.

@jen.looper, Bingo! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing.


here’s a little light reading



Since we are pluging things; you can read my already released book; Getting Started with NativeScript

Nathanael A.


@NathanaelA, I have read your books like 4 times. Thanks for writing it!!



I would recommend the course “JavaScript Understanding the Weird Parts” on Udemy