Request return 404 in tutorial


I am new in nativeScript and I try code app by tutorial. Its has gone well until chapter 4. In section Grid layout: (and previous section ListView). Is code which make request for backend to retrieve data and create new grocery.
I copy code by tutorial but creating new grocery not working. I got error “An error occurred while adding an item to your list” throw from list.componentn.ts I try debug in chrome and i saw thar request return 404 (for add and for retrieve data too) Can I ask what is wrong? url is make like tutorial, any token is send in request too. I add screen from dev tools of add new grocery request.

Thanks for help


Hey @domki9,

Sorry for the super late reply here—somehow we missed this one :frowning:

The problem seems to be that you have appData in your URL rather than appdata. I tried with that updated URL and had no problems. I confirmed that the tutorial does use appdata, so I’m not sure how you ended up with the uppercase D. (Let me know if there’s anything in the tutorial itself you see that we need to fix.)

The angular-end branch of the Groceries’ GitHub repo also has the final source code of the tutorial that you can refer to at any time.

Again sorry for the late reply, and hopefully you were able to get up and running.



Ou Thanks for answer, I already figure it. And yea it was big D.
Propably some peace of code which i write and not copy and I write it bad.