Renaming plugin directory to flavor name


What it does is?

:config phase:  createDefaultIncludeFiles
        +found plugins: nativescript-bottombar
Renaming plugin directory to flavor name: D:\IFS\IFS_Latest\IFSAppMobile\platforms\android\src\nativesc
ript-bottombar -> D:\IFS\IFS_Latest\IFSAppMobile\platforms\android\src\F0


It’s a mechanism used by the nativescript android runtime build script to convert the nativescript plugins into something that is valid for android, and can be used by the android application. It does not rename anything in your app directory, but rather inside the platforms/android, where the android project resides.


So Same conversion will happen to Ios platform also right? Why i am asking still i don’t play with NS Cli 3.2 on Ios development platform.


The same “conversion” will not happen on ios, as the build is executed in a different way.