Removing space between rows


hi everyone having a tiny problem here and its having large space between rows so am looking for a way to remove it or at least reduce it a little bit so how can i do it with CSS


Can you provide a sample code for the grid with the CSS you using?

 <Card:CardView margin="5" id="facebookCard" radius="30" elevation="15" class="whiteCard">
                                     <grid-layout rows="auto, auto, 250, auto"  columns="60, auto, *"  >
                                        <Label [text]="" class="avatar-circle" row="0" col="0" />
                                        <Label [text]="" textWrap="true" margin="10" col="1" class="size16"  row="0"> </Label>
                                        <Label [text]="" textWrap="true" margin="10" class="size16" " row="1" col="1"></Label>
                                        <Label [text]="item.title" textWrap="true" margin="10" class="size16" " row="2" colSpan="3" />
                                        <FrescoDrawee row="2" colSpan="3" height="250" [imageUri]="item.image"></FrescoDrawee>
                                        <grid-layout row="3" colSpan="3" rows="auto" columns="auto, auto, auto">
                                            <button text="&#xE80D;" class="Material info clear-btn gray" col="0" />
                                            <button text="&#xE0B9;" class="Material info clear-btn gray" col="1" />
                                            <button text="&#xE87D;" class="Material info clear-btn gray" col="2" />

.Material {
    font-family: MaterialIcons-Regular, Material Icons;
.whiteCard {
.avatar-circle {
    height: 50;
    width: 50;
    color: #fff;
    background-color: #FF4081;
    border-radius: 25;
    margin-left: 16;
    margin-top: 5; 
    horizontal-align: center;
    vertical-align: center;
    text-align: center;
.size16 {
    font-size: 16;
    margin: 2;


Trying using a combination of padding:0 and margin: 0 on your elements and see what happens.