Removing default iOS Search Bar Border


On iOS, the search bar has a gray border and white text area by default, but I want to remove the gray border. I know that using searchBar.ios.searchBarStyle = UISearchBarStyle.Minimal can remove the gray border, but the remaining text area is semi-transparent instead of solid white. I’ve tried implementing sserdyuk’s solution in [](this thread), but UISearchBarStyle.Prominent and UISearchBarStyle.UISearchBarStyleProminent don’t seem to do anything. Does anyone have a solution to this?


I don’t see any issue, the solution given in the same Github comments just works.


I tried that same code and it didn’t work for me. I’m using Angular, should that affect anything?


Angular makes no difference, just make sure you are pointing to right context.


Just got it, I realized that it’s because the search bar wasn’t nested inside a stack layout. Thanks for your help!