Remove Tabs from TabView


Good Morning All

Has anyone figured out a way to remove the tabs from the TabView component?

There are a few solutions online, but haven’t been able to get them working.

I would like to see how you were able to do it an dstill perserve the swiping functionality (I am aware that iOS doesn’t swipe on their TabView by default so would need to add some custom swipe events to change the view depending on the direction swiped).

The most promising one I have seen is from here.

Thanks for your time



If you are talking a PAN (Plain Awesome NativeScript) application; then my Dynamic Loader plugin automatically can add/remove tabs from a tabview.

Nathanael A.


Thanks for your reply.

Will this work with the tabs removed?

i.e. Like a slideshow with content in?



I have just found this which I’ll check out


I’ve decided to keep that tabs as they are