RadListView not updating UI properly when scrolling


Hi guys,

I am running into an issue where some of my RadListView items are disappearing from time to time when scrolling.

Please look at the following images. The numbers on the right disappear from time to time:

I have created a project to show this issue: https://github.com/brianwoo/nativescript-radlistview-bug. There are more screenshots in my github repo.

I have not tried this on iOS but it seems to be affecting Android 8.1 and 7.1, possibly other versions.



Sorry I couldn’t add more links earlier. Here are some of the screenshots.



I think this is some recycling issue that can be circumvented by using a fixed width for the second column. https://github.com/brianwoo/nativescript-radlistview-bug/pull/1


Thanks very much Eddy. That workaround is working wonderfully.