RadDataForm put tap event to label of a field



In my system i have a phone field, i’m trying to replicate the contact list of android or ios where you can add N phones, i’m using RadDataForm to display this form, for this i need to put a label where i can put a image and a function of “Add” for exemple, but i don’t find a way to put an event in a label, does anyone know how to do that? or a tip to how i can do something similar.



If you want to place a more customized view, you might check this out

Or if you are good with just attaching tap event to an editor

How to use tap event on textbox

Thanks for the reply manojdcoder.

You’re right, but i find a way, in the onEditorUpdate function i execute this function

exports.onEditorUpdate = function(args) {

function createFunctionOfPhones(args){

function createAddPhoneFunction(args){
	var view = args.editor.findEditorImage();
	if (view != undefined){
		if (DefaultModules.applicationModule.android) {
			args.editor.findEditorImage().setOnClickListener(new android.view.View.OnClickListener({
				onClick(args) {
					//This function will be executed when the user tap the label icon
		//Not implement yet

With this you can perform a function by touching an icon label