RadDataForm: Manual Commit Mode not updating source Object Value


Hi, I’m using Raddataform where I’ve set commit mode and validation mode to manual. So that I can manually validate and commit all the changes in the editors to the source object when the user clicks on submit button. But the problem is dataform commit doesn’t update values if an editor is in focus.

Example: I’ve set an initial value of a Number type editor 5. Now I input 10 to that number editor and clicked on submit button. Submit function will call form.validateAndCommitAll() method. after successful validation when I’m trying to get value from the source object I’m getting the initial value of that number type editor 5 instead of 10 because that editor was in focus when I called the validateAndCommitAll() method. The commit only fires if the editor is out of focus. If I call the method when the editor is not in focus only then commit happens and the value of source object get updated and I get 10.

Is there any way to focus out an editor or any other way to solve this problem? It would be great if someone helps me on this.