RadDataForm: How can I change the font-size of an editor (Text, Picker, Multiline, etc)?


Hello community, I am trying to set the font-size of a Text editor using RadDataForm, I was looking at the official documentation and I couldn’t find a way, only for the Label. This is how my code looks like:

<TKEntityProperty tkPropertyGroupProperties name="firstName" displayName="First Name" index="0" columnIndex="0">
    <TKPropertyEditor tkEntityPropertyEditor type="Text">
        <TKPropertyEditorStyle tkPropertyEditorStyle labelPosition="Top" labelTextSize="12" labelWidth="100"></TKPropertyEditorStyle>
    <TKNonEmptyValidator tkEntityPropertyValidators errorMessage="First Name can't be empty."></TKNonEmptyValidator>

Happy coding…


I ran into same issue, seems like Editor on RadDataForm is picking up the application’s default text size and style and there is no way to change it…


If you want to change just the font size or color try PropertyEditorStyle. If you are using Angular try TKPropertyEditorStyleDirective

Here are some advanced styling examples by accessing native elements.



Here I am talking about Custom controls.