RadCalender not showing



Hi all,
I am unable to use RadCalender as it is not showing up in my app. My app.module has imported the ui module and I have it in my imports as shown below:

import { NativeScriptUICalendarModule } from 'nativescript-ui-calendar/angular'

imports: [ NativeScriptModule, AppRoutingModule, NativeScriptUICalendarModule, ]
I have also imported RadCalender in my component and set view as MonthView.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong?



Can you try reproducing the issue with playground?


what is playground? and would I need to recreate the app from start or can I just copy paste code?


Playground is something like JS Fiddle if you have used that. Basically you write code whit-in a browser application, using the NativeScript Playground application for iOS / Android you use scan the QR code and have it running on your device, share it with anyone.


Thanks. I’ll upload my code and update this thread.


I tried playground, but it has most of the stuff preloaded so it is not importing anything like calenderUI but it works.

TBH this confuses me even more -.-


I tried the same code in my app and it still doesnt work… No Calender View.


it was a stupid spelling mistake -.- #fml