RadCalendar - On Event Selection - Pass in Custom Object / Data



I am using the RadCalendar to populate it with basic events, “My Event 1”, “My Event 2”, “My Event 3”.

When I tap on a particular day, it show the events inline and then when I tap on a single event to display the details of that event. The function (inlineEventSelected)="inlineEventSelected($event) => $event has only 3 parameters:

  1. eventName: string; // * Returns the name of the event that has been fired.
  2. object: any; // * The object that fires the event.
  3. eventData: CalendarEvent; // * The data for inline event selected in calendar.

There is no custom data to pass in such as a simple event Id so I can then retrieve the event details and populate the details into a new page.

Currently it’s very limited, any chance of getting a customData object where we can attach some custom data to the CalendarEvent?

I also tried extending the CalendarEvent object and was not successful, any guidance on how to achieve this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Hi @tonyawad88,

There is a feature request logged here to add an event id to the calendar event. You can give your thumbs up and/or related comments in that request.

Thank you.