RadCalendar: event on week/month change


Hello community,

I have a RadCalendar in my app, and I’d like to fetch data for the current week/month.
Is there an event telling me that week/month has changed?
Or is there a way to know first date of the current week/month, depending on the view?

I didn’t find anything like that in documentation,
Maybe somebody knows a workaround.



Did you try navigatedToDate event?


Thanks for reply,

Event is not fired for me in Nativescript + Angular app.
Is it possible that this event doesn’t work for Angular?


It should work. if you can setup a Playground, I can take a look and let you know.



here is playground - works fine

Going to check why it is not working in my app

P.S. It is working only for Month view, but not in Week view… investigating…


Everything is working,


Glad you could figure out everything.