RadAutoCompleteTextView open suggestion dropdown when input is focused {N}+angular


Hi, when the user going to input, since he/she don’t know what suggestion is available, and would need to try one letter initially to find out what suggestion is available, and this will soon become cumbersome if the user have to try every letter to get all available suggestions.

May I know how to implement a dropdown to show all suggestion when the user tap on the input field to save them time and trouble searching for suggestion?

Edit: Just like the behavior of the optional tags field when I am creating this post.

Edit2: I have tried adding minimumCharactersToSearch=0 to the RadAutoCompleteTextView tag but it didn’t work.

Thanks in advance


Looks like it’s a open feature request, fortunately it should be available soon in the next version.

You will also find hints there to resolve this issue naively for time being.