Question on nativescript-google-maps-sdk


Please excuse my ignorance but I am an amateur:

I’m trying to use nativescript-google-maps-sdk plugin and it says that Cocopods is a prerequisite. Is it so if I am using Sidekick too? Why do I need Cocopods to make this work if I am using Sidekick Cloud Build features?

On the Cocopods link they give on the repo, it says to enter $ sudo gem install cocoapods on my Mac, what is gem ? Do I need to install that first?

Need serious help here please. The nativescript-google-maps-sdk plugin looks like so much fun to use, but I’m worried about getting the first steps done to making it work.

Please help :slight_smile:


Of course Cocopod and any build tool is mandatory when you are doing a local build.


Hey @delanick,

As manojdcoder has already mentioned, Cocoapods is required if you are doing local builds. However, if you are doing cloud builds with Sidekick, you do not need to install Cocoapods, because it is already installed on the cloud macOS machines that are used to build your app.

You can find more information about the Ruby gems in the following guide.


Thanks so much @manojdcoder and @g.garabedian for the clarity, makes sense. I figured that was the case but just wanted to make absolutely sure :slight_smile: I was able to successfully get the plugin to show the map, but am now struggling to get it to centre and zoom correctly. I use the repo’s example as is in terms of binding my coordinates and zoom/bearing/ tilt etc but it still doesn’t display that way - it displays only the zoomed out map with Africa at the centre. Do you guys know anyone that may be able to assist me? I have followed the repo example to the T and am still struggling.