Question: Is there a limit for how large a file can get download with http.getFile()?


In my project, my app is getting info from a PHP server that returns some XML data.

This data is working fine when its about 9MB, but if the file contains more rows like it already has and then has a filesize of 12MB, I get an error that the XML is invalid. I can see there should be anything wrong with my XML, so thats why I ask if there is a limit on the http.getFile ?

If yes, is it possible to extend this?

Thanks in advance.


There is no limit to it.
How are you handling the xml data in your code?


There should be no limit on size (unless obviously your phone is out of storage), but there is most likely a maximum duration a request can occur for.

Does the request fail after ~ 60 seconds? If so, it could be related to the fact that NSURLRequest default maximum execution time is 60 seconds.